Best 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyers

August 6, 2023
Best 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyers


About 500,000 trucking incidents occur across the US every year. about 5,000 of them lead to fatalities in the estimation of the US Department of Transportation. The tractor-trailers and trucks as well as various commercial vehicles may result in fatal accidents when driving because of their dimensions, weight, and risk of losing control over the roads. Should you, or anyone else you know have been injured by a truck crash Contact Burnes the legal team of Libman for free advice.

We are a law company ( 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyers) dedicated to helping victims of 18 Wheeler Accidents, such as those involving commercial trucks that have 18 wheels. We’ve fought against trucking firms over the years to settle cases on behalf of people who have been injured in truck accidents as you. We’re here for you, and we have the experience and resources needed to tackle these companies. Our consultations are free and we don’t charge you until your case is decidedly successful.

What should an attorney for 18-wheeler accidents Do After the accident?

The initial and foremost first step is to speak to an experienced 18-wheeler collision lawyer as quickly as you can following the crash. It is necessary to have experience in order in dealing with the most powerful trucking companies. They have a wealth of assets, such as lawyers and specialists that are ready to defend themselves from suit. They can help you recover the assurance you require when a lawyer for truck accidents can be found on the side of yours.

18 Wheeler Accident Lawyers

An experienced truck accident lawyer will collect the necessary evidence for your claim. They will deal with the insurance company for you, advocate your legal rights and make sure you get the compensation you’re legally entitled to.

There are some steps you could take to ensure your possible lawsuit for damages arising from a collision with the 18-wheeler.

  • Keep calm and keep away from the scene of the crash unless you need to get out of the way for safety motives. Avoid leaving the scene until you dial 911.
  • Note down the names, numbers as well as addresses of every person who is involved, including witnesses. Also, record the badge numbers and names of police officers that have been involved in investigating the incident.
  • Take a picture of the scene, which includes the injuries and vehicles, in both video and camera. Be sure to obtain details of the employer for the driver of the truck.
  • If you’re not sure you were injured during the incident, you should seek medical assistance. Most of the time injury, the signs of injuries may not be evident for many hours, or perhaps days following the incident.
  • When you can, as soon as is possible following the accident, contact your insurance provider to ensure that the process for claiming will be initiated. Be sure to stick to the details of the incident while speaking to your insurance company; do not assign blame.
  • It is not necessary to provide a written statement to anyone else than the police or your insurance company and do not talk about your accident with anyone else than the police or your personal insurance representative.

What should I do during the days following the 18 Wheeler accident?

Here’s what truck crash victims must do following an 18-wheeler collision:

  1. Request the police to provide an official copy of the incident report. The same principle applies to the estimate of your insurance provider of damage to your property. This will make it much easier for your lawyer for a truck crash to calculate the value of the claim.
  2. Track all your medical and healthcare provider appointments. Keep a record of your ailments, medical diagnoses, and level of pain. Take copies of every prescription or treatment plan, test outcome, and any other medical documents.
  3. Make a detailed list of any expenses you paid out of pocket due to your semi-truck crash or when you suffered injuries.
  4. Note down the time that you were off at work or in other pursuits due to an accident.
  5. Make a detailed list of any expenses you paid out of pocket in the course of the semi-truck crash or when you sustained injuries.
  6. Note down the time that you were off at work or in other pursuits because of an accident.
  7. Before consulting with the 18-wheeler accident lawyer do not speak to your insurance company or the insurer of the other party. Be aware that only your solicitor, police, and your insurance provider need to be contacted in relation to the incident.
  8. Be wary of any settlements until you’ve talked to our experienced best 18-wheeler accident Lawyers team.

What amount of compensation can I Get for my 18 Wheeler Injury Claim?

The majority of truck and car accidents involving 18-wheelers produce severe injuries that may take time to recover. A huge medical bill, loss of income, emotional pain as well as funeral expenses are only some of the financial burdens an injured victim of a truck crash could face.

If your claim is granted, you can get both economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages refer to the financial loss you have endured as a result of the injury. These include, but are not restricted to funeral expenses, property damage loss of wages, and medical expenses. It is possible to be entitled to other damages that are not economic as a way of compensating in the event of losses beyond the financial. In addition, mental distress, emotional stress, and the loss of pleasure or companionship are just a few of the more subjective kinds.

The reality is that insurance companies rarely pay the entire cost the optimal course of action is to talk to an attorney for 18-wheeler accidents to find out your most effective possible legal options.

Why Should I Employ the Best 18-wheeler Lawyers for Accidents?

If you or your loved one has been injured as a result of an accident that involved an 18-wheeler, you might believe that you did nothing wrong. The damages resulting from the collision are clear and you do not require a lawyer to defend your interests.

An auto accident and a truck crash aren’t exactly the same. In most cases, 18-wheeler crashes create serious injuries that could need months or even years of time for healing. In addition, while trucking incidents often involve multiple parties automobile accidents usually only affect only you and another driver.
Below are some other advantages to using a lawyer for truck injuries in your truck accident claim.

The Trucking Industry is frequently unable to accept responsibility.

The trucking industry is well-versed in ways to avoid responsibility and costs that come with accidents caused by 18-wheeler truck drivers since they are involved in thousands of accidents each year. Within minutes or hours of an incident, the majority of the trucking firms will have a representative arrive at the site and begin collecting details to limit any legal risk of liability that you might have to the company.

Because of their vast experience and their reputation as one of the best truck accident lawyers Our firm is able to represent our clients across the country. If you choose any of our lawyers and trucking companies, they realize that they’re competing with the very best. They have also been through several settlements and jury verdicts against 18-wheeler trucking firms.

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