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Sun Breed Mod

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Sun Breed Mod APK is a game for Android users; SuperWriter Patreon developed it. In this game, you live in a place where barons are the only men with all the power and authority. Your mother was part of the baron’s harem, and you were made one of his servants when the baron sold her, and then you joined him.

However, your mother finally got tired of the barbarian’s brutal behavior and fled the baron so that you could suffer in solitude. You get the most out of it until you finally earn enough at 25 to purchase your independence.

Suppose you do get into the baron’s way, who is abusing his lab-grown collection of beautiful and perfect ladies because they don’t want to take a nap with him. In that case, you are throwing your liberty away and getting detained in his prison and executed on the next day. You can easily download the Sun Breed Mod for Android smartphones and other PC devices.