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Do you wish to remember those days in school? Would you believe that there’s a way to have the days of school again? With School Days Mod Apk it is possible to experience all the things you love at school. Schools Days game available for Android is a game that is real-time that requires you to go to school and take part in everything you missed after getting out of school.

You might consider this game to be juvenile since it’s about virtual schools and other stuff. The game is available for more than 1 million downloads on the Google Play Store. If you’re looking to comprehend the game in full you must know the full story behind the game that it was once a school-turned-prison game in which you had to take exams to be cleared at every stage.

You are able to do a variety of things including punching teachers or breaking rules, but you must take responsibility for the consequences. It’s up to you what you’d like to be at the school.

What is School Days Mod Apk?

High school is an opportunity to learn and have fun. Through those years, we’re free and eager to have fun while learning. This is why many shows, movies, and anime shows have been created centered on the life of the high school.

School Days Mod is a very popular simulation game for high school. In the game, you start by creating the character you want to use according to your tastes. You can make your character from scratch or someone who is different. You can personalize your hairstyle and shade of hair tone, clothes, and others.

In addition, you are also able to choose the personality of your hair. You could be the center of attention at school or the geek. Maybe you’d like to become a well-known and attractive girl at school. All boys will admire. When it comes to School Days it’s your choice!

School Days APK Mod

When playing this sport, you’re in charge of the things you’d like to achieve and how you can improve. The controls allow you to grapple, attack as well as run alongside other players. Overall, the game’s gameplay can be enough to offset the mediocre graphics.

The Features of School Days Mod Apk:

Let’s take a look at some of the best characteristics that are available in the game.


In the school, I attended I wore white shirts with a tie and blue pants. In the USA you can wear whatever you like. Because the game is based on the schools in the US You can create your costume for the bad boy by yourself. You can put on clothing, such as T-shirts, and jackets in a range of colors.


Do you remember the school days Mod when you had to get good grades to pass each exam? Apk for school days is the same. You must take every test with excellent grades in order to be able to pass the class. In this case, you must take an actual test. The exam will be based on questions based on the syllabus of the class. Therefore, you must be vigilant while performing other things.

Detention and punishment

If you behave badly with your fellow classmates or your teacher. For my friends who don’t understand what detention means Let me explain that it’s a period in which you are only allowed to attend school for a certain class.

It is a form of punishment that is given to students when they fail to behave appropriately. While it may appear easy, however, detention is a very severe punishment.


It is possible to create several profiles, and you can play multiple characters, such as your favorite character, whether it’s a nerd or a bad boy You can play as numerous characters as you’d like provided they’re listed on the list.


There are a variety of subjects you need to study which include theory and practical classes. In classes that are based on theory, you must follow the rules, while in practice you will be required to perform practical things such as experimenting in the lab for chemistry.

Vibrant graphics

The graphics in the School Days Mod game are vibrant, with lots of colors used within the game that make the appear lively. Some people may think that the graphics are childish and not great but, according to me, this is the necessity of the moment because we do not have to evaluate the quality of a game solely based on its images.

As the images appear much more cartoonish, they do not really need to be thinking about any doubts about the artwork as it may appear innocent, however, the story is excellent.

Pro features:

Schools can be created without ads. At your school, you’re free to do what you like.

Is the School Days Mod safe?

School Days Mod is 100 100% safe as the program was examined through the Anti-Malware platform and no viruses were found. The antivirus platform comprises AOL Active Virus Shield and avast! AVG, Clam AntiVirus, and many more.

Our anti-malware engine scans apps and classifies the applications based on our standards. So, it’s 100% secure to download and install School Days APK Mod on our website.


This is our version of the school days Mod Apk it’s essential to have your memories rekindled with this game. The Love game such as College Life Mod and Love Island 2 Mod.Thank you for taking the time to read and please pass it on to your friends.