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Are you looking for the best mod application for official WhatsApp? It’s likely that you are, as thousands of users want something different in the application. However, you’ve come to the right spot because we’ve bought Immune WhatsApp to delight all of the users who are desperate to use official WhatsApp. If anyone is looking to explore new possibilities, it’s not a stretch to suggest that this app is the best option for you.

It’s true that smartphones have turned the globe into a global village. If you wish to connect with someone in a different part of the globe and make contact with them without difficulty using your smartphone. This app was launched in 2009, and to this day it has become the most popular instant messaging application worldwide. In the past, it has gone through numerous modifications and new features have been added to ensure that users are more familiar with the application.

What is Immune WhatsApp?

Immune WhatsApp is an upgraded version of official WhatsApp with amazing features such as preventing other users from deleting messages and also keeping others the status. WhatsApp immune’s APK is in Spanish language and has ghost themes. You can switch it to English by accessing the settings for language in the app and then changing the language to English.

People who are not happy using the original WhatsApp can download the mod application by downloading directly from our link. You don’t have to be concerned as our download links are tested and reliable. All over the world are able to download applications from our site without having to pay any fees to us. If you wish to learn about other similar applications like AG3 WhatsApp for Android.

What are the Features of Immune WhatsApp?

There’s a huge list of features available in the app, and lots of users are pleased with it for various reasons. We will now discuss some of the features that users can enjoy by using the app.

Reject calls

This app lets people block calls using a variety of choices, including not having internet or call rejected, and people are unable to receive a phone call.

Theme store

If anyone is to explore the theme store, there is a vast variety of themes available within the application.

Privacy and Security Privacy at Immune

There are a variety of privacy options that are available within the app, such as freezing messages that have not been looked at, restricting who can call, accessing emails that were deleted, and many more.

The first message will appear

On the opposite, users receive numerous messages from friends. Sometimes, they must go through the first message of the whole chat and then may click on the ‘Go to the first message’ button.

Ultra Dark mode

The users of the Immune WhatsApp mod application are able to change to dark mode simply by selecting the option.

5-minute status

By using this app users can post a video of 5 minutes onto their status in total freedom.

Voice Notes

The app’s users can use voice notes to send an option that isn’t allowed in the official version.


You can use five distinct WhatsApp accounts, customize the privacy settings for just one chat, without registration required, no password needed View the story of a contact from your main screen, create and modify the avatar, and many more.

How to Download and Install It?

You can just follow the below steps to download and install Immune WhatsApp on your Android. They would like more variety and freedom of usage. As a result of this demand and their preferences, there are a lot of apps that meet the needs of the users.

  1. Download the updated version of the APK file on our website.
  2. You will then find the name written at the top of the page.
  3. A variety of options will pop up. It will take a few minutes.
  4. Then click on the CHAMBIKKO option.
  5. It will now be displayed on a different page.
  6. Please enter your contact number in the box below.
  7. The confirmation number will be sent to your mobile. Place it in the appropriate space.
  8. Then, enter your name and any other details.
  9. It’s now ready for use. Enjoy.

Final Words:

It can be summarized that the Immune WhatsApp APK is here to offer the most enjoyable user experience for the most popular app on Whatsapp. It offers a variety of new and exciting choices that users will want to use. So, we’ve purchased the most recent download link for the app to ensure that users are able to enjoy a range of alternatives for free.