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In this, we are sharing a GB WhatsApp which is the most popular WhatsApp mod across the globe. It is possible to read the complete facts about WhatsApp in this post. This article provides complete information regarding GB App. Keep reading until the end of it to learn more about the details of this app.

This is an upgraded version of the first WhatsApp that is based on WhatsApp Plus. Three developers have created GBWhatsApp who have created individual mods. Take a look at these three developers and expand the knowledge you have about GB App.

What is GB WhatsApp?

The GB WhatsApp is the most customizable version of WhatsApp which allows you to talk to your buddies. GBWhatsApp is compatible in conjunction with WhatsApp with a single smartphone. The app is able to be used for messaging that allows you to send text messages to your contacts and also pictures, voice messages or videos as well as documents. The app can be downloaded on any site that is a third party.

The original developer of GB WhatsApp used to be the XDA. Their intention behind creating this mod was to supply users with the features they ought to be included in the original WhatsApp. This mod became a huge popularity, but it was subsequently removed by WhatsApp’s developers WhatsApp as they updated WhatsApp.

What are the Features of the GB WhatsApp App?

This amazing mod version of the Whatsapp application provides amazing features such as the following.


This modified version of HTML0 has an anti-ban feature. It is an alternative to WhatsApp Messenger. You can use the mod to chat app and not be exiled. Your account won’t be blocked from this mod.

Self-Destructive Messages:

It’s very frustrating and confusing to get notifications sent by WhatsApp even when using other applications. This modification lets you make use of other apps but not receive messages from friends.

Dual accounts:

The ability to use GBWhatsApp alongside the traditional WhatsApp using a single mobile. If you own two numbers and want to use WhatsApp for both of them, you can do it the same as previously.

Backup and Restore:

If you plan to access GB WhatsApp with a different device and worry about your personal data, you’ll be able to rest easy. You are able to make an archive of your data and then restore it on another device with your account. This way you can ensure that your information is safe.

Theme Store:

There exists a theme shop available in this mod that allows users to select infinite themes. The GB WhatsApp has a variety of themes that will give your app a distinctive look. It is possible to use any of the themes listed.


Customization means changing the colors, text as well as background. The whole app can be customized app to fit your individual preference. You are also able to alter the text color and the style of it if you wish to make certain changes to your app.

Show Status Hide:

If you wish to know the status of a person in your contacts without revealing it to the person, you must turn on this option. If you turn on this option, you are able to quickly see the status of everyone you have in your list of contacts, however, they’ll not be aware that you’ve seen their status.

Emojis and Stickers:

You can easily show your personality by using a variety of emoticons and stickers within your chat. This feature can be an amazing benefit for users who cannot convey their emotions through chat. The GB WhatsApp are unlimited emojis and stickers of all kinds.

Freeze Last Sighted:

If you’re looking to show off your friends by revealing your last sighting, this is the most effective option you have. The last time you were seen is completely different with this feature. Even if you’re online, however, the time of your last sighting will be completely distinct in the event that contacts have seen your last image.


Text Messages: It’s extremely annoying when someone posted a message to you but then erases it prior to reading. This mod allows you are able to view deleted messages, even after the sender has deleted that message to everyone else, but you are able to see the message.

Status Downloader:

The Status Downloader is one of a number of downloaders for status available to download your status for your contacts, but we cannot ensure the privacy of your contacts. Download every status you have in your gallery using this modification. Therefore, you don’t need to download any other status downloader.

Share Location:

If you’re in danger, and you don’t have a location that you can share with your friend, this mod includes the feature of sharing location. This feature allows you to inform your friends of your current location, and also ask for assistance.

How to Download & Install It?

If you’re interested in making use of GB WhatsApp and want to use it, you’ll be required to download this modification on a third-party website since the modified version isn’t found in the Play Store. Take a look at these easy steps to assist you in downloading and installing this mod to your phone.

  • click the download button in order to download the APK file.
  • You must wait for the file to download on your device.
  • Download the file and open it inside the File Manager.
  • The program will request your permission.
  • Allow ” Unknown Sources” for the installation of the file.
  • Then, you must wait until the installation is complete.
  • Once the file has been installed, after which you should open the file, and then enjoy.

Final Words:

For a chatting application that has so many functions, GB WhatsApp is the ideal choice for you. It is completely safe to use on Android phones. It offers a lot of advantages that the original WhatsApp couldn’t offer. Download this awesome application from this page and begin enjoying its amazing features at no cost.