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Gacha Lavender Mod APK Android is a popular character-creation game that features a vibrant anime design. You can customize everything about your character, from clothing to hairstyles to accessories.

Your creativity will be tapped and you can create anime characters that reflect your tastes, needs, and interests. You can either start from scratch or use premade characters to build your character.

This flexibility allows veterans and beginners to explore endless possibilities, while veterans can dive in with ease. Gacha Lavender will allow you to express yourself in many ways.

There are many ways to modify your character:

Gacha Lavender Mod doesn’t limit your customization options. It offers hundreds of options to choose from. Here are some of the most popular options:

  • Appearance

This feature allows you to modify the appearance of your facial features and body type. Premade templates are available or you can create your own using sliders and color options.

Make sure your character has beautiful eyes and noses. You can also select their skin tone and body type from small to large. You can make realistic and diverse characters this way.

  • Accessories and Clothing

What would you wear to dress up your character’s appearance? Gacha Lavender Mod has a variety of clothing options. There are everyday outfits as well as fantasy costumes. To enhance the appearance of your Gacha Lavender, you can choose from a variety of accessories like glasses and hats.

Each outfit and dress is unique and can be worn in a variety of styles. You can mix and match to find the right combination for you.

  • Hairstyles and Colors

Gacha Lavender has a wide range of hairstyles available, including options for all hair types and lengths. There are many colors available, including bold and natural hues.

You can also style your hair easily with tools such as straighteners and curling irons. You have more options for personalizing your character’s hair, which allows you to make them stand out.

  • Weapons

Although it may seem odd to include this feature in a character creation game like character creation, Gacha Lavender Mod Unlimited provides creative weapons that your character can use. These weapons will be useful for roleplaying and creating unique stories for your character. They also help them win mini-games with Gacha Lavender.


You should create weapons that suit your character’s fighting style. They will be able to defend themselves and win in any situation.

  • Backgrounds

You can change the background of your characters’ scenes in this game. You can choose from a variety of settings such as a cityscape, or a nature scene to make your character come to life.

It is important that the background compliments your character’s story and appearance. This will create a seamless and immersive experience. A warrior character, for example, looks best when surrounded by battle-like environments, such as a castle or forest.

You must be kind to your community when creating backgrounds. Also, show respect for cultures. Gacha Lavender doesn’t allow offensive backgrounds to cause discomfort for other players.

Studio Highly Intuitive

The studio is where players can create, customize, save, and modify their characters. The studio of Gacha Lavender Mod Android is simple to use. You can also use layers and undo buttons to create characters efficiently.

You can save multiple projects in the studio. You can also work on multiple characters simultaneously, without losing any progress.

The studio is constantly updated with new features, customization options, and other enhancements to ensure a unique and memorable experience. Gacha will allow you to create endless possibilities.

Many Mini-Games

Gacha Lavender Mod offers a variety of mini-games once you are done with creating your character. These include card games, adventures, and battles.

To win these mini-games, you must plan and use your characters. Compete with other players to earn high scores and rewards by displaying your unique abilities and weapons.

Remember that winning is a way to earn rewards. However, fair play and sportsmanship are important in Gacha Lavender. Respect other players and have fun playing the mini-games.


Features of Gacha Lavender Mod APK:

  • 10 Major Characters and 90 Other Characters. You can customize up to 100 characters. This gives you a wide range of options and possibilities for designing your characters.
  • Gifting System. To enhance your experience with the game, you can gift other players unique costumes or weapons. This helps to build strong relationships in the community.
  • Design Every Object. In addition to the characters, you have the ability to customize every Gacha Lavender object, including their homes and furniture. This gives your characters more depth and dimension.
  • Regular Events. Regular events are held by the game, where players can work together to complete tasks and receive rewards. These events bring people closer together and add excitement.
  • 600+ Distinct Standings. This feature lets you create dynamic, realistic characters with a variety of poses and expressions. This feature allows you to tell engaging stories with your characters.
  • Import/Export Characters. You can import characters from friends who have played Gacha Lavender. This allows you to collaborate and create even more character designs. To share your characters with others, you can also export them.

What is Gacha Lavender Mod?

The Mod version of Gacha Lavender offers unlimited gems, money, items, and other options for character customization. You can also unlock all mini-games, features, and other options that allow you to fully enjoy the game.

Mod Features:

  1. Unlimited diamonds
  2. G coins cannot be spent
  3. Can’t spend C-coins
  4. The dollar has no limit
  5. The default character (the original character in the game) will not be hurt.
  6. The default character damage is extremely high (original character in the game).

Cannot change the menu image


Gacha Lavender Mod APK can be a great game for people who love customizing and designing characters. You will enjoy a fully-functional studio as well as various mini-games that make it a fun and enjoyable experience.

It also has a MOD version that adds more features to your game. Get it now and create your own characters. Have fun with your creations and share them with the community. You never know who you might be!