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Dragon City is a city-building simulation and management game created by Social Point and released in 2012. Players are able to build and raise dragons, and construct cities. Own and fight alongside other players from around the globe. The players must construct an animal farm in order to rear and train their dragons and then train them to take on the dragons of other players.

Furthermore, the player is able to build additional structures like a food manufacturing facility and a water mill as well as a dragon spawning plant, a diamond manufacturing plant as well as other structures that help grow the city. mine. It has combat and single-player modes that allow players to fight with players across the world in order to rise higher and win valuable prizes.

What are the Features of Dragon City Mobile APK?

Collect Dragons:

The game allows players to collect over 1000 types of dragons across all types including ornamental dragons steam dragons, earth dragons, ice dragons as well as fire dragons with distinctive abilities and characteristics.

Building cities:

The players may construct their own cities using constructions like food factories and water plants, diamond factories, enhancement factories for dragons, aquariums stage, cinemas, stages, and many other structures.


It is a game that provides one-on-one mode, as well as matches against players across the globe. Dragons can be used to battle other dragons or join in tournaments in order to earn reward points.

Dragon Creation:

The players can mix different kinds of dragons in order to develop distinct and new species of dragons. The ability to modify and improve their dragons in order to increase their strength and beauty.


The Dragon City game includes periodic events in which players stand a chance of earning high-value rewards, such as diamonds, rare dragons as well and resources.

Make friends with other players Friendship:

Players can make connections with their friends, and even create the playgroup of their choice to exchange experience and assist one another in building cities and combating other dragons.

Upgrade of Skills:

Players are able to improve their dragon’s abilities through resources, such as diamonds, food, gemstones, gold, and other stones.


This game comes with gorgeous and bright graphics and delicately detailed details about cities and dragons. It’s a free Game available to download for free on several platforms

Final Words:

When we look at the summary of Dragon City Mod APK, we are able to see that the game comes with many advantages, including stunning images, varied game modes, and social interactions. It doesn’t require any constant internet connection and costs nothing. But, it also has certain disadvantages, such as being time-consuming, resource-intensive, or repetitive, which could be addicting.