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After Class Mod is an NSFW and gay visual novel dating game focused on the relationships between the protagonist (you) and the characters you encounter. Depending on what you choose, the possibility is that you’ll learn a lot about them, and may even end in love with one throughout the plot. Each choice you make will have implications and will affect how the story unfolds!

After class (18and over) is a graphic book with high-quality hand-drawn images, a story-driven tale, content for readers who are at the stage of maturity and a system for selecting numerous characters, and an more extensive set of dialogues, and choices for developing them, along with many other aspects. The protagonist will be one of the young men who transferred to another town to attend college. The classmates, friends and a few other people who are not familiar with the city don’t really want to welcome a stranger, but over time players can integrate into the community and get the right place to be.