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There are a lot of users using various platforms to communicate. WhatsApp is among the text messaging apps. It does not offer amazing features to satisfy the users. That’s why users aren’t content with the capabilities of the application. The creator created a copy of WhatsApp that is named ADAM WhatsApp. It is a complete app that users want to add to their accounts. You can now meet your needs with this app. The app was updated by the developer to the most recent version. Therefore, don’t delay using this app. Get all features you need.

If you install the most recent version of the app, you can benefit from the functions of the application. It is possible to hide the state of the internet. The ability to save your friend’s status and many other features are added to the application. If you go through the entire post, you’ll have the ability to learn about ADAM WhatsApp. If you upload a state to the app, you can choose to block these states. You decide if you want to display the state or not. This feature may have surprised you. If you’re a woman, this is the best option. Since it gives you the tools you need to complete whatever you need. It is the most powerful file you can download in Apkaround.

If you have any up-to-date information on statues, then you can secure the statue. Your friend will never have any information about it. This app is an excellent opportunity for those who use the app to save pictures. If you download and start playing the app on an Android phone, you’ll be very happy, thanks to the latest version as well as its most recent functions.

What is ADAM WhatsApp?

This application was developed by one of the most skilled designers. How can we meet your needs? Developers are Arabic individuals. This means that the application has an array of additional features for customers. It has a lot of other features that users can avail. The ADAM WhatsApp app is popular with the majority of users. So it is now possible to make use of this application for no cost. The app also comes with all options that are included in WhatsApp. It also has a note-based version, so I’m talking about the dark brown and black versions. It also offers an option to backup for users. Below, I’ve provided more details regarding backup in the following.

In the event that you switch your mobile phone, then all users’ chats, videos and images, chat messages as well as other data. So, don’t be concerned about it because ADAM WhatsApp permits you to access the messages back whenever you like. That means all your data is secure now. You can access everything you could accomplish in the “Setting”. If you’re looking for a way to get your money back and you need help, this section will assist you. The app is unique in its characteristics that are not found in normal WhatsApp. It is equipped with the capabilities required in the application. The app was added with many incredible times which you could alter according to what you prefer. You are able to try AG1 WhatsApp for Android phone users.

What are the Features of ADAM WhatsApp v34 Latest Version?

Here are some awesome aspects you need to know about prior to you start using the app.

Sleek Interface

The thing that is most appealing about the ADAM WhatsApp New Version is the black and jet-black interface, which gives a relaxing style. Contrary to similar WhatsApp versions, this one offers different shades of gradients to alter the interface so that it can appear more like a luxurious one.

Islamic Collections

This is a feature that has not been ever seen before. I’m betting. The APK gives users access to an integrated Holy Quran and other Islamic enhancements, like Hadeeth as well as other prayers that are commonplace. This app has been specifically designed specifically for Muslim WhatsApp users.

Extra Cool Launcher Icons

Incredibly, Adam WhatsApp provides multiple forms of icons in the launcher app. If you aren’t a fan of WhatsApp icons that resemble that of WhatsApp or what this APK shows, you could pick from a wide range of launcher icons to take over the old icon.

Limitless Media Sharing

This ADAM WhatsApp Update 2023 APK eliminates any limitations to sharing media. You can now set your picture resolution as high as 3MBs and control your image quality. You can also upload videos in excess of the limit of 700MB.

Chat Customization

It offers a wide range of choices to enhance your chat window. It is possible to alter your actions bar, bubble, and ticks, as well as chat entry style by using AD WhatsApp. Each button on your chat screen will be your direction.

Message Scheduler

A lot of the time you want to take a break from work, however, not at the expense of being in touch with your customers. This ADAM WhatsApp APK can help. With this feature, you can create schedules for messages you could send out to prospects on a regular basis without any hassles.

Hide Blue Ticks

When the receiver is finished reading your message, you’ll notice two blue ticks inside the chat box. This is when you implement the clever method of obscuring blue ticks. You can, for instance, view all messages, giving people the impression that you’re not online.

Status Privacy

It is possible to view any status without having to let the user the other person know. In addition, regardless of whether you delete someone’s status, it is only possible to view the deleted status.

Status Saver

This function of AD WhatsApp helps you download the status of people you are interested in. Therefore, there’s no reason to request someone else to give them their details.

Legend Themes

After installing “Legend Themes” you will be able to unlock a myriad of themes and increase the speed of the quality of your WhatsApp experience. It comes with a plugin to download, which gives you access to a variety of innovative themes.

Emoji Variants

The APK offers you an array of Emoji variations. The variations are borrowed from various social media platforms like Old WhatsApp (iOS), Facebook, Android O, and System Emoji (EXPERIMENTAL).

Freeze Last Seen

One of the most useful features this APK allows you to access is that it allows you to view the information that was delivered to you with just one look. The sender doesn’t even know it’s there.

How to Download & Install It?

In this section, you can easily get the updated version of ADAM WhatsApp for Android smartphones.

  1. The file can be downloaded to the internal memory of your device.
  2. Within your device’s settings Go to Security, then permit the installation of apps from third parties.
  3. Download the file, then select “Install.”
  4. The app will confirm your number.
  5. After installing, begin by using After installation, start using AD WhatsApp.

Final Words:

As of the moment, I’d like to mention that ADAM WhatsApp Apk will aid all users. If you are looking for these capabilities, you must download them at the upper part of the link. It’s the latest way to back up your information. We will test the app to see if it works on your Android device you own. It can be run easily across all devices that run Android. It is fortunate that it works on all devices.